GWR Polymers ltd

We have local collection centres in South West 

England, Ireland & Scotland for end of life

monofilament & multifilament nettings and are currently working on collaborations with projects in Iceland & Sri Lanka.

Nylon PA66 Carpet Shearings

Extrusion grade

Monofilament netting

Nylon (PA6)

Pelagic netting

Nylon (PA6)

fish farm netting

Nylon (PA6)

GWR Polymers Ltd aim is to minimise the amount of marine waste entering our oceans and find viable recycling routes for these materials.

GWR was incorporated in 2011 by Director Tomas Rees and since then over 1000 tons of end of life fishing nets that would otherwise go to landfill or worse end up clogging up our oceans have been successfully recycled.

Now in collaboration with : 

Fishing for Litter (FFL)

Circular Ocean

World Animal Protection (WAP)

Surfers Against Sewage (SAS)

Member and Project Review Member of Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI)

Specialising in Nylon recovery

GWR Polymers Ltd